Sunday, February 19, 2017

Driving reminders

Been busy.  Inside a movie theater now with my wife, waiting for the show to start.  Perfect time to start a new blog post.  Below, you'll find a few reminders that many drivers may have forgotten about. I don't know whether they're in the driving test book.  Regardless, they're worth emphasizing.  I would pass them on to your kids as I will to mine.   These came gradually to me.  I will keep updating this post as new ones come in.
  1. Be very careful at intersections, no matter how much of a hurry you're in.  I know it seems common sense but many people, including myself, forget to slow down sometimes.  There are these people called pedestrians.  Have you heard of them?  You could either scare the living daylights out of them or worse, hit them.  When turning right, our tendency is to look out for cars coming from the left.  Remember that there could be people on your right trying to cross.
  2. Speaking of pedestrians, there are roads peppered with pedestrian crossings without the traffic lights to stop you.  I personally wish those didn't exist.  But they do.  So again, watch out for pedestrians while on those roads.  They have the right of way.
  3. Don't take anything personally.  When people cut you off, they don't mean to attack you.  They don't know you.  It's not worth getting stressed over, my friend.  If you try to stop anyone from getting in front of you, you'd just antagonize them and they'd likely keep trying because guess what, it's become personal.  They could also get behind you and blind you with their high beams.  Or they could do something unspeakable.  Just. Leave. Them. Be.
  4. Corollary to the previous one, always remind yourself the real reason you're on the road.  It's to get to your intended destination.  It's not a race nor any other kind of competition.
  5. When your light turns green, don't rush to cross the intersection.  Watch out for any cars running the red light before proceeding.  Just yesterday, in the little time I was out on the road, I saw four different drivers do it.
  6. This one is more a security tip but I'll include it nonetheless.  Do not leave anything inside the car that has your home address on it.  This includes any magazines, mailings, and yes, your vehicle registration.  You can photocopy it with the address masked out and that's what you put in your glove compartment.  Also, if you have a GPS, do not save your real home address as Home.  Instead, use the address of a nearby establishment, such as the nearest police station.  No kidding.  As may already be obvious, these measures are to prevent anyone who steals your car from finding and breaking into your house, too.  You don't want that double whammy!
  7. Here's another security tip.  I know you wouldn't leave your laptop inside your car.  But if your bag happens to look like a laptop case, even though it isn't and even though you know that there's nothing valuable in it, you'd be wise not to leave it, either.  Burglars wouldn't know it's worthless.  Unfortunately, it's a lesson I personally had to learn.   Good thing we have glass coverage on our cars.  I only had to pay $200 to replace the window they smashed.  If you don't have that coverage, I'd suggest you ask your agent about it.  While I don't remember how much extra premium I pay for having it, I know it's very affordable and reasonable.
There you have it.  Thanks in advance for sharing your own tips.  Comment away!

Here's to informed guts!