Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Safari Books Online

First day back at work after the holiday break.  I don't think I can sustain the daily blog I have been doing but I have a quick one for you all tonight.

If your school or employer does not offer free access to Safari Books Online and you don't want to pay for one yourself, you might want to check out the public libraries in your state.  My local library doesn't offer it but another one in a nearby county provides free access to Safari Books Online, albeit a subset of the titles.  Better than nothing. I am assuming that the libraries in your state will let you get a library card even if you don't live in the same county.

I think many more libraries subscribe to Books24x7 instead, which I think is also okay but I'm a fan of O'Reilly titles.

Good luck finding a library and keep trusting your informed gut.

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